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Quills Monday, 26 September 2005

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Saw a play ‘Quills’ with dad today. This marks the second time I saw a play with him. The first was ‘Death of a Salesman’ which starred Lim Kay Tong too. It seems strange that I seem to be catching plays with dad and no one else from the family. Well, today’s was really a chance occurrence as I went in place of my mom who fell ill.

The play was interesting! For the first time in my life, I saw an artist stripped naked in all his glory for all to see – frontal and back. It’s not some cheap R(A)-rated show but the naked scenes were crucial to the story. The play is about a French Marquis, Marquis de Sade (later known as the King of Sadism), who achieved infamy in18th century Francefor his sexual habits and sexually uninhibited writings. The Marquis’s work subscribed to the belief that no one is innocent of the corruptions of this world. That everyone harbours forbidden or unspeakable ugly desires (sexual or violent) in one form of the other.


Food for thought (esp. in light of all the racism-inciting blogs ongoing and the subsequent prosecution of their authors in Singapore)-

“Should we then condemn the messenger for telling us of human behavious that may disturb or even disgust us? Does the author lead human behaviour or merely report it? Can one man’s writings fuel a society’s depravity or can it be a lighthouse for the recognition of human frailty?”

Don’t hate just because I turn the key….” Marquis de Sade


Is turning the key the same as incitement?

Yes! Primal desire – that’s unchanging! Every man from Paris to China feels the same urgent stirring in his loins.” – The Marquis

Well, if your interest has been piqued enough, go catch it at DBS Arts Centre.

1. Quills – The Untold Stories of the Marquis de Sade. Theatre Write-up. Luna-id Theatre. 25 Sep 05.

A Start Saturday, 24 September 2005

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Finally, I got my blog going! Was contemplating on whether a journal of one’s inner thoughts and feelings ought to be placed online for all to read. Wouldn’t that be a little narcissistic? On the other hand, it will provide an opportunity for all my friends (hmm…do I want to tell them about this?) to get updated on my life. God knows how busy we are with our lifes as it is already without having to call up everyone to chit chat.

So here I am – taken the plunge to attempt at capturing aspects of my life. It helped that I was reminded that saved a person from drowning. It seems that I jumped, fully clothed (which was silly of me), into the pool to save him when he was a recruit in BMT (Basic Military Training). However, while I had some vague impression of that event, I couldn’t remember who he was or how he looked like. This prompted me to start this blog to capture all the interesting things (to me at least! :)) in my life. So that I can read up on my life and reminisce.

It will be rather time-consuming I suppose as I have so many things that i want to recollect and put into my blog lest I forget them for good. It will be done, slowly but surely.

(My older “blogs” were simply journal entries that I kept in my trusty Palm PDA. I simply transferred them online when I started this Blog, hence the “mysterious” blog entries prior to this ‘A start’.)

Close To You Tuesday, 6 September 2005

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A couple of weeks back, I got to know , through a friend, that my brother maintained a blog. I was amazed and then a slow sense of disappointment came over me. I was amazed that my brother would actually start and maintain a blog (and a very nice one at that!). And I was disappointed that I had to learn about it through a friend. Then again, I suppose one wouldn’t exclaim about his blog to all lest they think he begs to be read.

This entry is titled ‘Close To You’ as I was prompted to write this after reading my bro’s new entries in his blog (again, having found out from the same friend). It reminded me yet again then despite being brothers, the relationship wouldn’t be nurtured without communications – without being close. Yet, there are others that wants to leave and be far away from their family to lead their lives, calling back only a few times in a year. They claim their kinship is still as strong, would it? I dunno… maybe that’s why they say “blood is thicker than water”. No matter what, no matter where, no matter how, kinship will always take precedence.

I hope so.