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Fustrations of Group Work Sunday, 23 October 2005

Posted by dragonzlad in Uncategorized.
Argh… I was at my Masters degree group’s project meeting when I grew increasing impatient and fustrated with a team mate’s proposals. Not that they were bad proposals but rather they were unnecessary. He wanted very good or even excellent grade for this assignment and as a result has proposed many things to get us noticed or to show that we have got everything planned out etc to our lecturer. Yes, the Singaporean’s kiasuism (i.e. “afraid to lose” syndrome)has reared its unpleasant head again. While I do want to get good grades too, but c’mon, let’s be more realistic than that! Let’s do what we are required to do but do it good. Full stop. Instead we ended up putting materials or “research plan” for the second assignment (which would be graded) into the first report! We spent so much time on for a first report which wouldn’t be marked/assessed at all! Argh!

This happens when people working in a group have got differing personal goals and agenda. And it can get fustrating. The feeling that you are spending precious time (with opportunity cost involved!) doing unnecessary stuff can be overwhelmingly fustrating. Similarly, the other person will feel fustrated that he has a “slacker” that is holding him or the team back. In such situations, the team leader has to step in and guide the team on the right direction. Unfortunately, in all school projects, the team leader is a student himself. Without the authority of someone in a senior position, he would likely be passive and “go with the flow” as he wouldn’t want to antagonise his team mates.

Sigh… I must learn to breath deeply and control my impatience. It can sometimes creep into my tone when I speak.



1. Norma - Sunday, 23 October 2005

I hate group work. Lord save me from all committees, task forces, and ad hoc groups.

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