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Geomancy Monday, 24 October 2005

Posted by dragonzlad in Uncategorized.

I went and got some dates for my customary wedding dinner. Paid more than a freaking S$100 for it which includes an explanation of what fate has in store for me and my fiancee based on on our “ba zi” (8 Characters – as defined by one’s date and time of birth according to Chinese geomancy/astrology). 

To what extent should we believe in such “hocus pocus”? Well, the Chinese 8-Character Analysis has endured the test of time since ancient China till now. It has remained popular with many Chinese all over the world, except maybe those born in Western countries. Yes, popularity may not be the best indication of whether something really works or is accurate. However, through my 8 Characters, the fella today wsa able to “see” that I would be or have already embarked on further education and that I am experiencing changes at work. Remarkably, he was right.

Now, to know that it might make that slightest difference to one’s fortune (fortune here defined as the future rather than wealth), shouldn’t one at least give it a shot? No harm other than a longer wait (in my case), isn’t it? And the date given to me, according to him, is a very good date in 2007!

Unfortunately, my fiancee isn’t really into all these “hocus pocus” stuff. :


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