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Story of A Corn Wednesday, 26 October 2005

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No, it’s not going to be a corny joke. =)

Someone shared this story with me and I told it is really quite wonderful. It can be a lesson for us in this harsh reality show that we call Living. The story was taken from ‘Beyond The Age of Innonence’ by Kishore Mahbutani (though it is probably not in its original form after passing from one person to another).

There was this farmer who was very passionate about his one singular crop – corns. Because of his passion he grew the best corn in the country and had won the Blue Ribbon year after year. One year, right after the Annual Corn Contest which he won yet again, he was interviewed by the city’s reporters. The reporters were curious to find out the secret behind his Blue ribbon corns.

They asked him,”Danny, how did you manage to grow such wonderful corns year after year?”.

And Danny replied,”Well, I simply give the corns to my neighbours to plant.”.

The reporters were amazed and asked him,”Why would you do that for?? Wouldn’t that give you competition?”.

And Danny said,”Don’t you know? The wind carries the seeds of any plants and deposits them all over? If my neighbours grew inferior corns, the wind would cross pollinate my corns with theirs and I will end up with inferior corns. By giving them my corn, I would ensure that my corns remain the best.”.

I guess this applies to everything around us, isn’t it? For our society to progress, we must be able to share our “good corns”. Only then can we reap the benefits of collective goodness (and knowledge, and wisdom…blah blah blah) and progress. 🙂



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