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Moral Strength Friday, 28 October 2005

Posted by dragonzlad in Uncategorized.
Sometimes I wonder if I will have the moral strength to defend my stand, one that is backed by facts, logic and conlusive evidence. Someone at work was placed in charge of an investigation of a particular incident that happened at work. Through his investigation, he had obtained statements from the people involved and on scene evidence. However, based on what he had, he was unable to determine the cause conclusively and the motive if any. Without motive and a suspect(s) proved beyond reasonable doubts, surely he could not apportion any blame to the suspect(s)? But this was exactly what he did. Is there anyone reading my blog who might have the legal knowledge to answer this question?

I wonder if he was under pressure? I heard “rumours” (which might be factual since it came from a very reliable source) that the CEO had harsh words for him as he was not detailed and thorough in his investigation. Alas, I guess he must have interpreted that the CEO wanted him to find a person to attribute the fault to. Sigh…. where is his moral strength?

This was the downer to an otherwise normal day. I gave a great presentation today. Was glad I chose to approach the topic in a more philosophical way instead of the usual factual way. It was definitely more interesting!

Oh, my parents seem to have patched up.


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