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Here We Go Again Thursday, 1 December 2005

Posted by dragonzlad in Uncategorized.
“Here we go again,
same old shit again..”

That’s the song that I used to sing while in the army. Those were the days of jungle bashing and long route marches. Basic military training wasn’t that tough for me as I was quite fit then but I remember the feeling of extreme exhaustion when I was in OCS (Officer Cadet School). I have been feeling the same kind of exhaustion these past few days albeit to a lesser degree. With nothing immediate to focus on, I can finally relax and enjoy the thoughts of actually lazing in bed and watch telly for a while before I drift off into sleep.

But the same shit will start again, very soon in fact. But I know I will probably cope better as I will have control of the whole process, which makes me wonder – will I still be a perfectionist when I have people submitting their work to me one day? I’ll probably freak out unless I happen to have surbordinates that are just as particular about submitting reasonably quality work. I hope so, I would just hate my life if I have to feel so exhausted every single day.

And feeling exhausted is really bad for one’s sex life. I used to think that people are crazy when I saw the statistics on frequency of having sex. It was shocking to read that people could actually forgo sex because of tiredness. I guess I finally can empathise with that. I need a life … maybe some hot sex too. Anyone? 😛


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