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White Lights Above Me and A Surgery Saturday, 10 December 2005

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Damn… my blog layout is all screwed up and I have no time to rectify it.

Ever sat on the couch and watch ER and wondered how undergoing a surgery would have felt like? Or watched X-files and thought how strange it would felt, when you looked up from wherever you are lying on, and see bright white lights above you and people in masks and surgical caps milling around you?

I’ve just been through it all although not for a serious ailment, but rather for something that a large percent of the Singaporean population is afflicted with. Yup, myopia.

I had just gone for a Lasik operation and now I’ve got perfect eye sight again! 😀

I was rather indifferent to it in the days leading up to the ops, up till the point when I got to the clinic and was sitting there waiting for my turn. There’s when I start to feel rather anxious about the whole procedure. Thoughts of “What if…?” were running through my head. I was thinking of all the horror stories of the rare cases of patients suffering from some side effects of Lasik or disappointment when their myopia were not corrected fully. When it was my turn, i didn’t have to strip and scrub myself down of course. Instead I simply put on a white surgical gown over my clothes and laid down on the surgical table. The room was extremely cold (to inhibit bacterial growth in the surgical room), hence I was actually trembling slightly. Hah, not from the fear alright!

There lying on the table, I realised that it was very important to be briefed in details on the whole procedure so that one knows what to expect. I was actually feeling quite alright despite lying there and told not to move my head at all costs. The trepidation and anxiety actually came about from not knowing what is happening, which was what occurred at one stage of the procedure. I couldn’t help but think that my eyes were moving while being operated on (since I lost my vision momentarily during the ops and hence I could not see anything to focus my eyes on). That really scared me stiff, literally. My hands were clenched and of course the cold did not help make things better. I had to conciously tell myself to breath in and out to calm myself down. My breathing became rather exasgerated in the process I think.

Within minutes the surgery was over and I could see quite clearly already. Bright light was a pain but other than that, I was feeling fine and good. It was indeed an experience but thankfully for something that was more for convenience and vanity than a health problem.


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