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Protein and Weight Loss Wednesday, 11 January 2006

Posted by dragonzlad in Uncategorized.

Heard of Atkins Diet? A highly acclaimed high protein, low carbo diet designed for weight loss. I’ve been taking protein drinks on and off to to maintain my muscle mass (yeah, not much of it, really) but believe me, I wasn’t like the picture you see in my profile page before. Recently I’ve been wondering if something is wrong with me. Everyone that I meet, especially those who haven’t seen me for some time, have been telling me that I lost weight, especially on my face. Apparantly I look more gaunt nowadays. I am seriously puzzled. Can one lose weight in certain specific areas of their body only? Coz I weigh the same (for the longest time already as much as I would want to gain more weight and mass). Let me know if you know, ya?



1. Gay banker - Thursday, 12 January 2006

Hmmm, well I’ve heard that the Atkins diet is unhealthy. But because in the short term it produces the weight loss results that people want, it’s become popular.

Myself? Boyfriend number 1 cooks healthy meals for us and I go to the gym. My advice would be to avoid unproven short cuts!

Take care, GB, xxx

2. Dragonzlad - Thursday, 12 January 2006

Hmm…not trying to lose weight here. On the contrary, I am trying to gain muscle mass. Read somewhere that too much proteins will cause gout and damage the kidneys. Problem is, the media never state how much is too much!

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