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Desperate Times? Sunday, 26 February 2006

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Was just reading about a GB’s conversation with a cabbie when his blog got me thinking of the nights I walked back to my apartment after a late night out in London. It was pretty late at night and my pal and I were walking back after walking around in London. It was very quiet as it was Christmas and most were away with their families. And we happened to have gotten a room in one of the university’s hostel which is desolated since its Christmas. One of the quietest Christmas I had. Anyway, we weren’t too sure to be glad or worried that the streets were quiet. Glad coz we know the chances of being mugged would be smaller but worried because if we did get mugged, there wouldn’t be anyone to help. It also got me thinking about how much safer I thought Singapore was. It used to be safe enough to walk around past midnight. But it doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, after the armed robbery and shooting of a pub owner earlier this month. Shocking not because someone got killed but rather we haven’t had a shooting incident for a long time. Yet suddenly, there were 2 cases. I guess these were isolated incidents. I would still like to go midnight blading along east coast or a late night run after all.

I Not Stupid 2 Wednesday, 15 February 2006

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xiao hai bu ben 2
I just saw this movie and it was fantastic. Not only will it make the actors stars overnight with all the young gals in Singapore, it also shows how it is like now with the pressure-cooker society of ours. Of double standards. Of the have-it and have-not stratas in our society. Of the one singular hope of all parents in singapore despite their backgound and differences – the hope that kids will make good in school and turn out successful.
I only hope that I will remember this show when I have kids of my own.
The scary thought is what if I did but my kid turns out wrong no matter what I do?? I guess I just have to cross the bridge when I come to it.