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The Hunt Continues Monday, 30 October 2006

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I just noticed that I titled my previous post as “Job”. Not quite truly reflect my posting so I had it changed. I think I wanted to post some updates on my job hunt but I must have been distracted. 😛

My job hunt gathered steam after my exams. That really explained why the 2 months passed by so quickly. I had a number of calls, mostly for positions in financial sales such as insurance. However, there was one really promising position with a MNC. So I applied. Shortly after, I was called for an interview. I was surprised but I guess it helped that it was really an entry position in sales. I was delighted and really became hopeful after I managed to get a 2nd interview a week after the first one. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it through that one. While I wasn’t successful, I am glad for it as the interview made me realise that sales wasn’t really what I wanted to do. Although I remain open towards joining the finance industry via sales (then working my way to where I want), I am still more keen on business development and strategy work. Recently, there’s some developments in this area so I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. I just hope that I did not get my hopes up too prematurely.