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Approached Monday, 4 December 2006

Posted by dragonzlad in Uncategorized.

I had a really wierd start to a seemingly wonderful Sunday. Can’t mention that at the moment but it was really strange and it unsettled me somewhat. So there I was feeling really disturbed and having about 4 hours before my dinner appointment. I decided to go to the gym and then soak in the hot jacuzzi for a while. I was soaking there for a while when I noticed this fella coming in. I noticed him earlier as he was in the same suana as I was. He got in. A whiile later, he introduced himself and we chatted about the usual stuff about how often we gym and such. Then a few more fellas came into the next jacuzzi. Then he came up to me and whispered,”You know, it’s not very discreet in here.”. I knew what he meant, having got gay friends. That explained the compliments he gave me on my physique. But I was surprised and not wanting to assume, I asked,”What do you mean?”. “You know what I mean.”, he replied. Nothing came out of it as he left to shower while I stayed behind for a little while more. Do I look gay? A girl friend once commented to me that I could attract both sides. In any case, this whole episode did make the my Sunday really really strange.