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Banking and Finance Saturday, 10 February 2007

Posted by dragonzlad in Career, Life in General.

Would you give up your confortable lifestyle for a new career with pay starting at a fresh grad’s level? While I may not be rich, I am certainly comfortable enough to make ends meet and to stay in a condominium. Yet somehow something is missing. Personally, I think there is lack of professional development in my current employer. It’s not too bad if I intend to work here all my life I guess but it certainly won’t do in terms of preparing me for a possible uncertain future. So with some anxiety, I have finally decided to leave my current job. And I plan to take finance-related electives this summer to augment my MBA for a career in the banking and finance industry. Much as I hate to, given the cost of travelling and staying in the UK for a month, I will have to travel to the UK this summer to do these electives. And all because there wasn’t a strong demand for these electives in Singapore for the uni to fly their lecturers over. Bummer.

So there I will be, jobless and spending money to travel/study in June. Sounds like a risky venture.   I guess I should be thankful for my dear Y who has stoicly told me that I should not worry and that I should just go. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, she said. Bless her. Hopefully, my career change will bring financial remunerations, professional development and job satisfaction more than my current job can ever provide.

And what about my aspiration to be in business development and management? Unfortunately, the deal didn’t materialise. The final offer was not what I had expected and not what was discussed with the firm. Oh well, that is life. Gotta move on. My dad suggested that i start a business to be the sole distribution agent in Singapore for certain products. But I am not sure I should be doing this now. I think I should capitalise on my MBA and get into the banking and finance industry which is the hottest industry right now. I mean just ask GB, London has seen spiraling property prices because London bankers have been given bumper bonuses after the fanatastic bull run in the 2006 economy. And what do peple do with excess cash? They spend it. I read with amusement about how someone was actually willing to spend good money to the tune of 170,000 pounds (half a million singapore dollars!) for a 77 sq ft  “apartment” that requires an estimated 30,000 pounds to renovate and make it habitable. This “apartment” is a basement storage room in the posh west London borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Amazing.

So wish me luck in the banking and finance industry.

Hey, I was also pleasantly surprised to find that WordPress has responded so quickly to the requests of many bloggers and has provided a means to import blogs from Blogger (beta)! I have now completed the migration of my Blogger blog to here. I don’t think I’ll close my Blogger account just yet. Who know’s Blogger may improve further and offer the features that I want. Besides, blogging through email and mobile, privacy options for specific posts will make Blogger more ideal than WordPress I think.



1. Gay Banker - Saturday, 10 February 2007

Yes DL, the UK economy has been doing very well recently. So given that you won’t be earning any money while you’re over here, sorry to say that you might find London quite expensive. But June is usually a nice month to be in London, with warm summer weather.
GB xxx

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