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Fortune Telling Monday, 12 February 2007

Posted by dragonzlad in Life in General.

Have you ever wondered what your future or fate holds for you? I have and I have never been shy to find out. I guess it all stems from my childhood when I was exposed to such things or persons as clairvoyance, mediums, and fortune-tellers. I had since a medium being possessed by spirits or deities and doing things (such as spiritual boxing) which he cannot possibly do on his own as he was not trained in martial arts. The fervour, agility and  skills that he displayed told me that it had to be real. I had a session with a clairvoyance which told me rather accuately about my past and present. However, as much as I liked the future which she foretold, the future has yet to come to pass. Hence, I wondered whether most fortune-tellers and clairvoyant are only good at reading one’s past and present times. The future is and should be hazy even to the sharpest clairvoyant and would probably change in accordance to one’s Kharma (which in turn is dependent on one’s decisions and actions in the present moment). But I am still praying that the future she predicted will come true :).

In more recent times, I had my fortune told by three different Chinese fortune-tellers, all using the Chinese metaphysics concept of Ba Zi. And all of them told me different fortunes although one was rather accurate with the present. One of them, a friend of mine, had also foretold that I have a below-average life expectancy. In fact, he even indicated the age at which I would see my demise or passing. Morbid, huh?

Many people have avoided fortune telling because they fear their future. They fear that if their future is unpleasant, they may become too discouraged in life to even try. For me, I want to know so that I can plan. If I am to die young (relative to the average life expectancy in Singapore of course), then I want to make sure I do what I want to do and live my “short” life to the best that I can.



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