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How badly do I want it? Friday, 16 February 2007

Posted by dragonzlad in Career, Life in General.

“How desperate or badly do you want it?”. That was the question posed to me by my friend. I was talking to him about my plans to enter the banking and financial industry. He had warned me about the downsides of this industry (e.g. long hours, paperwork/no support stuff etc) and how many people have tried to do financial sales and failed. One reason he gave was that these people do not have the drive or are not desperate/wanting success badly. They were unwilling to sacrifice personal and family time to achieve success. Indeed, my friend had worked really hard over the last 5 years in sales and is now recognised by his bank as a good performer (in sales). I remember those times when he had to work weekends and those weekday nights when he worked till 9pm or later in the bank just so that he could finish all the paperwork for the week’s sales. Am I up to it, he asked. Well, I think I might not have a choice by then. Unemployed with a morgage, I had better be desperate or wanting success badly.



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