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“I Never Look Back” – Part 1 Monday, 25 June 2007

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“I never look back”, my friend W said when we were having dinner one night in London. We were talking about the days when we had lots of fun and the times when things weren’t going too well between him and his other friends. Apparently, I am the only one that was reminiscing the past. In my pursuit of an ideal life, amidst all the changes occurring in my life right now, I sometimes find myself pausing from what I was doing and taking stock of my life. In my earlier post “Sliding Doors”, I pondered on the possibilities of an uncertain future. But many other occasions, I would always think of the past, especially when I see certain things that brings back memories, and wonder how I would have turned out if my decisions had been different. Ironically, given the often pensive nature of my friend W, it appears he is more forward in his outlook than I am. I guess I am in a really pensive mood right now as I sit facing the runway as the sky gets darker. My flight will not board for another 2 hours.

I started wondering again how my life would have turned out especially after …. continued in the next post.

Protected: “I Never Look Back” – Part 2 Monday, 25 June 2007

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Eternal Summer Saturday, 23 June 2007

Posted by dragonzlad in Reviews.

This isn’t a posting about my summer in the UK but it’ll be nice to have an eternal summer here in the UK – sunshine and the cool air.

Anyway, I had just watched a Taiwanese movie called Eternal Summer. It was about the relationship that had developed between 2 men, Shane and Jon  (the loosely anglicised names as given by the subtitles), from the time they were boys. The usual issues associated with falling in love with a same-sex best mate could be seen in the movie – sacrifices, fear of rejection, fear of losing the friendship and fear of admitting the reality of one’s feelings. The feelings that Jon developed for Shane was ironic as he never wanted to befriend him when they were just boys. While Shane, who loves Carrie who initially loved Jon, could not do without Jon and had constantly sought his companionship (even while being with Carrie), much to the detriment of Jon’s academic performance.

Jon, Carrie and Shane

The show does not attempt to clarify the situation developing between the 2 men. For example, while physical intimacy occurred between the 2 men, it happened when Shane was supposedly drunk. But I personally don’t think that a truly drunk person can have done much other than fall flat and sleep (at least based on what I have witnessed recently).

 Is this the moment Jon has been waiting for or is it just a one nighter?

Similarly, the movie ended enigmatically, leaving me to ponder whether Shane has accepted Jon and is willing to be involved in a gay relationship. In the show’s closing, Shane uttered,”You are really my best friend.” (which happened to be the same term used by a “Dear GB” writer). What does it mean?!!? Perhaps he has acknowledged that he loves Jon but is unwilling to come to terms with being gay? The show also features a 3rd-party to the relationship – Carrie. Unfortunately, the movie again left me wondering how it ends for her. Is love so strong amongst the three that they could accept being a threesome (of course Shane would be the lucky devil, wouldn’t he?)? Or will she leave the 2 men?

On the whole, I kinda enjoyed the show only because I know it can be very real.

Armani Attitude Friday, 22 June 2007

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I was bored at W’s place where I was staying for a few days when I picked up a magazine to read. I came across an ad for the new Armani Attitude for men.


I liked it immediately as I thought the perfume canister was well designed in a functional sort of way. It was designed to look like an expensive cigarette lighter, probably to appeal to either smokers or to the musculinity in men. I can imagine carrying it with in my bag wherever I go. It probably can replace the old canister of a perfume I have in my bag currently. However, for two things which would otherwise make for a perfect buy – the strange combination of coffee and lemon scent and that the bottle was not designed to be refilled.

My new perfume?

Missing A Good Workout Monday, 18 June 2007

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I’ve been away for almost a month now and I am missing one thing that has been a regular feature of mine since I was a teen – gym and running. I think I had lost some muscle mass or definition, not very new complaints I know. Anyway, I was just trying out the photo taking capability of my web cam at my friend’s place when I was mildly surprised by the picture. Either the angle, capturing the light and shadows, was perfect or I haven’t lost that much muscle definition, huh? :p But horrors of horrors, I think I might have put on weight (i.e. fats!) around the waist!

That ain’t to bad, is it? ;)

An End To A Nice Summer Saturday, 16 June 2007

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The few weeks that I have in London is finally coming to an end. It has been a very good trip for me. I was living in the city and enjoying every moment of it like any of her citizens instead of a tourist pre-occupied with visiting every single tourist spot there is. I even had the opportunities to visit some friends some of whom I have not met for years and some whom I have yet to meet in person. One of them is GB. We were able to meet up for dinner one night. I remember I haven’t been drinking for some time, especially on an empty stomach. So by the time we moved on from our pre-dinner drinks, I was already feeling the effect of the alcohol and hoping I wouldn’t make a fool of myself even before we reached the restaurant! The venue was well chosen by GB and we had a good view of the River Thames and its surrounding buildings. Being slightly drunk (the wine did not help at all), I think I might have been too blunt to tell GB that his avatar does not resemble him at all. Thankfully, he did not seem to have taken offence. In all, it was a lovely evening made all the better by the company.

Summer in the UK Monday, 11 June 2007

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I’ve been in the UK for 2 weeks now and my stay here has been wonderful so far. The weather has been good so far as it should be since it is summer. So far I have met up with a few friends and relatives that I have in the UK and I am feeling quite pleased about it. It felt strange recounciling the fact that it seems like only a month that I have left them when in fact it has been 6 years. My aunt has kept well in the past 6 years and she doesn’t look any different from the time I left her. And it is certainly very nice staying in a nice peaceful neighbourhood in London where I can see the River Thames and being only half an hour to 45 minutes away from central London. I can even see HSBC, Credit Suisse and Citibank’s skyscrapers which always make me wonder if I’ll ever work in one of these banks. Well, I am praying hard that it’ll work out after the second interview that I had with an investment bank. Hopefully, I will find this job waiting for me when I get back to Singapore.

 Now, I am sitting in front of the telly and enjoying the evening news on TV with my friend’s GQ. I really like the feeling of enjoying an easy evening with a bit of light reading. Now, if only the thoughts of looming assignment and final year project deadlines will stop nagging me at the back of my mind and leave me to enjoy the magazine and the evening for a bit before I start working again.