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Summer in the UK Monday, 11 June 2007

Posted by dragonzlad in Life in General.

I’ve been in the UK for 2 weeks now and my stay here has been wonderful so far. The weather has been good so far as it should be since it is summer. So far I have met up with a few friends and relatives that I have in the UK and I am feeling quite pleased about it. It felt strange recounciling the fact that it seems like only a month that I have left them when in fact it has been 6 years. My aunt has kept well in the past 6 years and she doesn’t look any different from the time I left her. And it is certainly very nice staying in a nice peaceful neighbourhood in London where I can see the River Thames and being only half an hour to 45 minutes away from central London. I can even see HSBC, Credit Suisse and Citibank’s skyscrapers which always make me wonder if I’ll ever work in one of these banks. Well, I am praying hard that it’ll work out after the second interview that I had with an investment bank. Hopefully, I will find this job waiting for me when I get back to Singapore.

 Now, I am sitting in front of the telly and enjoying the evening news on TV with my friend’s GQ. I really like the feeling of enjoying an easy evening with a bit of light reading. Now, if only the thoughts of looming assignment and final year project deadlines will stop nagging me at the back of my mind and leave me to enjoy the magazine and the evening for a bit before I start working again.



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