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Eternal Summer Saturday, 23 June 2007

Posted by dragonzlad in Reviews.

This isn’t a posting about my summer in the UK but it’ll be nice to have an eternal summer here in the UK – sunshine and the cool air.

Anyway, I had just watched a Taiwanese movie called Eternal Summer. It was about the relationship that had developed between 2 men, Shane and Jon  (the loosely anglicised names as given by the subtitles), from the time they were boys. The usual issues associated with falling in love with a same-sex best mate could be seen in the movie – sacrifices, fear of rejection, fear of losing the friendship and fear of admitting the reality of one’s feelings. The feelings that Jon developed for Shane was ironic as he never wanted to befriend him when they were just boys. While Shane, who loves Carrie who initially loved Jon, could not do without Jon and had constantly sought his companionship (even while being with Carrie), much to the detriment of Jon’s academic performance.

Jon, Carrie and Shane

The show does not attempt to clarify the situation developing between the 2 men. For example, while physical intimacy occurred between the 2 men, it happened when Shane was supposedly drunk. But I personally don’t think that a truly drunk person can have done much other than fall flat and sleep (at least based on what I have witnessed recently).

 Is this the moment Jon has been waiting for or is it just a one nighter?

Similarly, the movie ended enigmatically, leaving me to ponder whether Shane has accepted Jon and is willing to be involved in a gay relationship. In the show’s closing, Shane uttered,”You are really my best friend.” (which happened to be the same term used by a “Dear GB” writer). What does it mean?!!? Perhaps he has acknowledged that he loves Jon but is unwilling to come to terms with being gay? The show also features a 3rd-party to the relationship – Carrie. Unfortunately, the movie again left me wondering how it ends for her. Is love so strong amongst the three that they could accept being a threesome (of course Shane would be the lucky devil, wouldn’t he?)? Or will she leave the 2 men?

On the whole, I kinda enjoyed the show only because I know it can be very real.



1. Gay Banker - Saturday, 23 June 2007

It gets a reasonable 7.3/10 rating on imdb.com, although from only 243 votes. The guys in the pic above look cute too, perhaps I should watch it!
GB xxx

2. dragonzlad - Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Yes you should GB. 🙂
I thoroughly enjoyed the show although it did affect me somewhat. I even watched it a second time while I blogged at the same time in the airport. It was certainly much better scripted than the campier Seventeen.

3. Robert - Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Hi Dragonzlad,

The movie sounds interesting. I lose abit of touch with the Chinese movies here.

In regards to the best friend comment, the reason is that because I am not physically attractive to him. I do care for him deeply and will be sad when the inevitable happens.

P.S good luck with your job hunt

xx Robert

4. dragonzlad - Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Hi Robert,

Thanks. 🙂

It is good that you know where everything stands right now. Good luck and all the best.

Take care,

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