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“I Never Look Back” – Part 1 Monday, 25 June 2007

Posted by dragonzlad in Life in General, Personal.

“I never look back”, my friend W said when we were having dinner one night in London. We were talking about the days when we had lots of fun and the times when things weren’t going too well between him and his other friends. Apparently, I am the only one that was reminiscing the past. In my pursuit of an ideal life, amidst all the changes occurring in my life right now, I sometimes find myself pausing from what I was doing and taking stock of my life. In my earlier post “Sliding Doors”, I pondered on the possibilities of an uncertain future. But many other occasions, I would always think of the past, especially when I see certain things that brings back memories, and wonder how I would have turned out if my decisions had been different. Ironically, given the often pensive nature of my friend W, it appears he is more forward in his outlook than I am. I guess I am in a really pensive mood right now as I sit facing the runway as the sky gets darker. My flight will not board for another 2 hours.

I started wondering again how my life would have turned out especially after …. continued in the next post.


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