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Blue Gate Crossing Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Posted by dragonzlad in Life in General, Reviews.

I had a quick look at the another Taiwanese movie called ‘Blue Gate Crossing’. It centres on the relationship between two teens – a boy and a girl. The movie is another rather typical fare of coming to terms with being gay, very much like the previous Taiwanese movie I watched – Eternal Summer . However, unlike Eternal Summer, there is no complicated triangle relationship in this movie although there was a tinge of it. Another main difference in the show is that the story tried to deal with the gay issue from the girl’s perspective, which may be to the dismay of the gay population given that the actor is a dimpled-smile cute lad.

Blue Gate Crossing                          The girl and her lad

It is a simple and rather predictable story saved by the way it was produced. There is something about such Taiwanese movies that draws me. Maybe I am a sucker for sweet innocent shows. Did the girl save herself from a tortured life of finding true love while being gay? Or did she suppress her liking for girls to live a normal life? Well, I am not about to spoil it for you in case you haven’t watched it. Further review at IMDB but be warned – its review could be a spoiler! In any case, the movie reminded me of this pair of siblings.

The sister is quite openly butch with a girlfriend that pops over to the family home ever so often. The brother is openly hostile to the sister and her supposed girlfriend. I find it sad that the brother is unable to accept her for who she is and support her to be the best person she can be, be it as a gay person or not. I think the brother believes that it is a choice in life to be either gay or straight (“nurture” advocate)and blames her for choosing the other camp. The tense relationship and the mutual dislike (bordering on hatred) is certainly making their mother upset and I can see that there is nothing she can do to change the situation. But I wonder whether she did persuade her son to accept the sister as she is. Perhaps, it is more complicated than that as the siblings didn’t grow up well together. I personally see her as a person with good potential if she is in the right company and channels her energy productively. This makes me wonder whether sometimes it is easier for an outsider to accept a gay person than a person who is related to that gay person?


1. Cutectguy - Thursday, 2 August 2007

hey.. I am in Singapore at the end of August.. where is cool to go? Any tips greatfully received.

2. dragonzlad - Monday, 6 August 2007

Hi Cutectguy,

Sorry if this sounds hurried but I have very little free time now having just started on this new job with crazy hours!

I have always recommended the followng few places to overseas visitors:

a. Sentosa Island – nice sunny beach with fine sand. Plenty of hot bods working out a sweat playing beach volleyball on weekends. Peaceful during the weekdays too!

b. Chinatown – It is much bigger than the Chinatown in London. But I recommend it for the historical Hindu temple that is located there and for the nice pubs at Club Street. There is of course the infamous Ang Siang Hill where Club Street is. It used to be a cruising place and I suspect it still might be.

c. Orchard Road – Our London’s Oxford Street. Unfrotunately, you have just missed the Great Singapore Sale.

d. Zouk – For clubbing action. The original hottest club in town which boasts popular acts by international DJs. NOw there are other popular clubs like Ministry of Sound (a overseas venture by the same London’s MoS i think!) around.

e. Pubs at Tanjong Pagar – For some pub crawl. It is the only place in Singapore that has the most gay-friendly or gay pubs located in Singapore.

f. Chinese Garden – If you like gardens. It has got nice chinese pagodas!

g. Botanical Gardens – For breakfast or tea amongst lush greenery.

h. Night Safari – Literally as the name implies.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have specific types of places you like to visit.

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