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Numb3rs Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Posted by dragonzlad in Career.
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Three weeks into the job and i’m feeling tired already. Its surprising given that the work is not physical. Just sitting at the desk,staring at computer screens, and punching numbers is tiring. It wasn’t the same in my previous job and i thought that was more physical. I hope this is only so because i’m still in the transition period when i’m still trying to learn the processes and the various seemingly disparate IT systems.

The role is very routine – checking numbers and dealing with client issues. I wonder how some my colleagues could have stayed in the role for so many years.  The only thing making this worthwhile is the fact that i’m finally working in one of the firms that i have always wanted to. I would think that doing investment analysis, private banking, and even quantitative stuff would be more interesting and engaging.

 Gotta hang on….

Secret Saturday, 11 August 2007

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This is the same gal. Lin-Mei Kwai (or pronounced Lun-Mei Guey in Mandarin),  in Blue Gate Crossing. She does look very different, isn’t it? Apparently, she was talent spotted from outside a train station to star in the movie. And her looks and acting in that movie caught Jay Chou’s attention. His first movie ‘Secret‘ (Mandarin: ‘bu neng shuo de mi mi’) sounds interesting and reviews mentioned that the show is accompanied by very nice piano pieces (performed by Jay himself, of course). Both the supposedly good plot and the musical accompaniment warrant a visit to the cinema me think! But Y isn’t too fond of Mandarin movies….