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Protected: I wish… Sunday, 30 September 2007

Posted by dragonzlad in Personal.
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Daylight Molestation Sunday, 30 September 2007

Posted by dragonzlad in Life in General.
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It was unbelievable. The audacity of the person (an older man, probably in his 50s) molesting someone in broad daylight! I was at the road junction of Katong Park, which is very near the infamous cruising ground of Fort Road, waiting for the light to turn green when I saw a tall, hunky dude. He was a runner dressed only in his running shorts with a heartbeat monitor strapped to his chest. I was just marvelling at his bod, thinking he have it all (looks, height and brawn, at least from the distance that I was at), and wondering how many others at the junction was doing the same when this older man dressed in shabby pants and short sleeve shirt tucked out crossed the road towards the runner. With his dark coloured attire and generally shabby look, one would probably mistake him to be a odd job labourer heading towards the constuction site at Fort Road. Initially, I thought he was a friendly old chap as he waved a hello to the runner as he reached him across the road. The runner replied hi with a slight wave of his hand and a smile. Then it happened so quickly that you wondered if it could actually happen in broad day light at a busy road junction. The older man suddenly reached out and squeezed the runner’s biceps. It was so fluid and continuous from his hello gesture that one would have thought that they were friends (probably neighbours or even uncle and nephew?) if not for the very immediate reaction from the  runner. He swatted his hand away, took a half step back and immediately started running across the road when the pedestrain light turned green at the exact same moment. I was stunned and disgusted by the audacity of this ti ko peh (“dirty old man” in Hokkien). I reckoned then that he wasn’t a construction worker on his way back to his work site but more likely to be a gay person heading to the cruisy Fort Road car park or cuising grounds deeper in the vegetation of Fort Road. I was sure that many others on the four roads of the cross junction witnessed the whole thing. It was a pity that such an action would probably result in even more anti-gay sentiments from the witnesses. Unfortunately, he was also the same group of older gay people who are likely to be illiterate and insensitive to the social and political implications of his actions. The government has recently decided not to abolish the homosexuality law that criminalises sexual acts between two or more persons of the same gender stating that it was against public interest as the majority denounces homosexuality. This action certainly did nothing to further the cause of the gay community.

Update to The New Job Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Posted by dragonzlad in Life in General.

And so I have gotten over the initial period of anxiety that is usually the norm in a new environment (I hope it isn’t just me!) and finding work to be better than it was when I just started. Still, there are many things to learn. One thing for sure, schools do not teach many things except lay the foundation to grasp new ideas and concepts more easily.

Finally got some time to myself and afforded myself the small pleasure of catching up with some friends through their blogs. It’s a little depressing to see them enjoying themselves while I probably will be busy studying till after Dec when I’ll stop, take stock of my life and decide what I need to do. So many opportunities are not made available to me now as I’m on contract. Sad to know that colleagues are being sponsored for courses that I want to take and may probably have to pay for on my own if I do not want to wait for the uncertain future to present itself clearer.   Oh well, c’est la vie.

 Oh, one thing for sure, with my life as busy as it is now, it certainly is easier to keep naughty thoughts in check!