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Change Thursday, 1 November 2007

Posted by dragonzlad in Life in General.

How much of yourself, in terms of personality and character, would you change yourself to fit the environment or to better yourself?

I realised that throughout my life, I have always absorbed all the feedback that I can get so that I can be a better person, either professionally or as a peron. Where feedback was not forthcoming, I would observe people that I thought were role models and learnt from them. Did I lose my own flavour along the way that many people say would be the consequence of such an action? An ex-uni mate of mine did say that I was boring once but then again her words doesn’t carry any weight with me, or with most of our mates for the matter, as she isn’t exactly someone that many would look up to.

So far, this effort has done me well. And I am puzzled lately when I realised that a close friend doesn’t share the same sentiments. I am beginning to realise that even the closest of friends cannot accept frank feedback that are given with in the most constructive manner. Or can they? I think it all depends on how much ego one has and how willing one is to change. No one loves to be told of his shortcomings but if he is unwilling to acknowledge that no one is can be perfect, then he would have allowed his ego to prevent him from being the better person that he can be. As for willingness, a whole industry in change management has sprung up to assist corporations in winning the mind and heart of employees in their quest to re-engineer operations and improve bottom lines. So it is defintely not an easy thing to tackle, like ego. Both are so fused with emotions, beliefs and principles that it can be difficult to deal with even for the person in question. This is certainly the case for dear friend!


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