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X’mas Wish List Sunday, 4 November 2007

Posted by dragonzlad in Life in General, Objects of my desire.

I’ve never written a wish list before. When I first started working and for those years that I was “single”, cash flow was never an issue and I never thought more than twice about buying anything so long as it wasn’t an expensive item. Now that I have changed jobs, I find myself having to shore up my depleted savings with a smaller pay. So that takes precedence over many things nowadays. Life was simpler without that  many commitments! And because of that I realised that I had to think hard about the things I want. Yeah, they are mostly “Wants” :p

In fact, I have to create a list and go through a list of questions in my head – “Do I need this?”, “Can I settle for something else and save money in the process?”…. Just like the bag that I had bought last week. I had wanted something stylish (read “branded”) but which would cost me several hundreds of dollars. I mulled over it for weeks before buying a leather bag that costs me a tad over a hundred without compensating in the style department. Of course I didn’t bother much about the leather just so long as it looks and feel real to me. It was a good buy. Everyone thought it looked really nice.

And now that it is November, I have begun to mentally accumulate the things I would like to have for Christmas. Unfortunately, I never once had anything I had really wished for in a Christmas present so I guess I’ll have to be buy them for myself! Here’s what is in my list so far:

X’mas Wish List

1. SonyEricsson w960i S$800

Sonyericsson W960i

2. Nike+ S$55 and Ipod Nano S$248 (previous generation 2GB S$80)


3. Mizuno Wave Creation 8 S$229 or Addidas Adizero LT $178 or
    Mizuno Wave Rider 10 S$189

Mizuno Wave Creation 8

4. Nokia speakers S$100+
5. 2 More shirts and trousers S$200 (a definite must-get as I’ve a severe shortage!!)
6. ……..

A bulk of the list (currently anyway) consists of fitness items as I have recently been inspired to run more regularly and I thought it will really be nice to run in proper running shoes and train with electornics (Nike+ & Ipod Nano) that will measure the distance, pace etc and select the best music according to my pace.

Sadly, as my finances is unlikely to improve very soon, I’ll probably have to settle for the cheaper options such as the cheapest shoes in Item 3 and stick with my current phone (which I still think is the best gadget so far)!

 Check out the new yet-to-be-released in Singapoe SonyEricsson W960i:


1. GB - Monday, 5 November 2007

That sounds very sad DL, “… never once had anything I had really wished for in a Christmas present …” :(. Perhaps you need to learn how to drop hints more successfully :)!

GB xxx

2. dragonzlad - Thursday, 15 November 2007

I never really liked the idea of hinting for presents or for particular gifts. Isn’t it better to know that people thought well enough of you to think hard for a suitable present for you? If one day, a friend could give me something from the heart the way you had for your bfs, I would be much happier than if I had gotten it from hints. That said, I think it is increasingly more difficult to find suitable gifts AND to get nice gifts too. So maybe you are right – I should consider dropping hints, huh? 😉

Iwouldsoliketohaveanyoneitemonmywishlist!Suchasagoodpairofrunningshoes,preferablyMizunoWaveCreation,orthatnicecool gadgetofaphonethatisSonyEricssonW960i,oranicecoolbiketoridealongtheEastCoastofSingapore!Failingthese,anicereturn airtickettoBaliwouldbenicetoo.Heardsomuchaboutthatplace!Iwouldn’tmindifitwasAustraliatoo.NeverbeentothatContinentandit
wouldbesonicetovisitit.How’sthisforhints?*hint hint*:P

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