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Tears Saturday, 16 February 2008

Posted by dragonzlad in Life in General.

How often do you find your eyes getting teary when you watch a touching scene on TV or in a movie? I’ve always been a rather emotional person despite my nonchalent outward persona but I have come to realise that I tear more easily nowadays when I see scenes of loss (such as the loss felt by Christina Yang and Derek Shepard when Meredith Grey had apparently died from drowning in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy). Some who might psycho-analyse me might suggest that I have many issues which manifest themselves in strong emotional feelings or empathy when I witness scenes of loss. Well, at least this what I would say of myself but the truth is, I do not know any better. Perhaps a person more adept at analysing human relationships and personalities would do a better job than I do. And already, a name come to my mind. 🙂

My regular readers, the few that can be counted with one hand (actually, with that kinda number, hands are not even needed!), would probably have realised that  I haven’t blogged regularly for some time now. My blogging comes in a burst and sort of taper off for a while until I feel strongly about something. Or when I actually have the time to do so. Lately, I have been doing a lot more reading. Partly because of a nice X’mas present that I got. It was a book on option trading and it came totally unexpected from GB. Well, I have finished reading it (all while commuting between work and home!) and am now going through certain sections a second time. Back home, I try to read another book on trading and some chapters in the CFA textbooks to augment my knowledge.  At the same time, I am sussing out online trading games/simulations so that I can try what I had read and to learn more through the process. Hopefully, I’ll learn enough to trade full time or to convince someone in the firm to let me have a shot at trading! So I figured I’ll rather spend my time learning practically instead of taking up a CFA, especially since many traders do not have advanced qualifications (based on what I’ve heard).

On a more frivolous note, I am darn happy for the Singaporean team Colin and Adrian for winning the Amazing Race Asia 2. Adrian happened to be deaf but the two fellas communicated wonderfully and in some ways had an advantage of being able to communicate (signing) in a way that the other teams could not understand when they are close together looking for the same clue. Although they are not as wise-cracking as Marc and Rovilson from the Phillippines nor as good looking as Marc, they certainly won their fair share of supporters for their humbleness and never-say-die attitude. It was really a pleasant surprise as many thought that Marc and Rovilson were too tough to beat as they had repeated come in first in many legs of the race while Colin and Adrian came in a close second. But their luck seemed to have turned when Colin and Adrian started overtaking them with some cool planning and of course a good grasp of general knowledge. You never know when possessing a knowledge of the countries’ flags would come in useful like in this race! Apparently despite coming 20 minutes later into the final task than the other 2 teams, Adrian was able to complete the task in 3 minutes flat, ahead of the other 2 teams that were stumped. And the task? Simple enough, put the flags of the countries in the order that they had raced in. It was truly a good win!


1. GB - Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Glad to hear that you’re getting on well with that book DL :-). For what it’s worth I also tear quite easily, but for me it’s often related to inhumanity, e.g. hearing about racial or religious hatred, wars etc.

GB xxx

2. DL - Thursday, 21 February 2008

Yeah, sometimes I find it really embarrassing! 😛

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