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Managing Thursday, 21 February 2008

Posted by dragonzlad in Life in General.

I still find myself coming to terms with the vast difference in my current profession and my last one. Where I used to manage the careers of a number of people, I now only manage numbers. Initially, I welcomed the break from managing people as I didn’t find any fulfilment in that when many of these people were simply self-absorbed and wanted to advance themselves without putting much effort into working their careers. But now, I find myself missing that responsibility (though not that type of employees) somewhat. Maybe I am just wondering if I’ll ever catch up to that level of seniority in my new chosen profession…


1. GB - Sunday, 24 February 2008

Chin up DL, if you ever get to manage people in your new job I reckon you’ll find it a bit harder than your previous one. Us bankers often have *difficult* personalities LOL.

GB xxx

2. dragonzlad - Thursday, 28 February 2008

Hey GB, I came to a conclusion that some constraints faced by the private sector is not too different from the public sector where I used to work in. Organisations in both sectors have to spend within their allocated budgets which means careful and often stringent headcount control amongst others. Managing for me used to be grooming the few good ones and making sure that their deserved aspirations are met and also to manage the expectations of the under-performing ones. I reckon with bankers, it will largely be true too since organisational constraints are largely similar. However, instead of managing the expectations of under-performers, I will have to deal with higher expectations amidst limited senior organisational positions (assuming bankers are mostly high achievers). So it all ends up being almost the same thing – managing (different) expectations. But I think I am spared this for some time to come! 🙂

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