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In Conversation Monday, 21 July 2008

Posted by dragonzlad in Life in General.

Do you sometimes know how a conversation will end with a new acquaintance before you are even mid way through it? I recently got to know a goodlooking new colleague who speaks with an accent having been brought up in Australia. I thought I detected a slight gay vibe but I couldn’t be sure. However, I’m quite certain now after he sort of become disinterested in conversation after he found out I was with someone. Girls on the other hand tend to be more discreet based on my conversations with them. Well, it’s either that or they were never really interested to begin with! Such experiences now provide me with early indications of how a conversation will go with a new acquaintance. I was recently contacted by a reader of my blog. It started off nice enough until I was asked if I was seeing anyone. I wondered if I should tell him but figured it’ll be rude not to reply. So I did and I haven’t heard back from him. I guess amidst our modern and often busy life, most people will not want to invest time and energy in continuing a futile pursuit, which in my case, a conversation!


1. Gay Banker - Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Well DL, perhaps you should develop your conversational techniques so that when you’re talking to these guys, they get the impression that your existing relationships won’t be any barrier to developing “friendships” with them?

GB xxx

2. dragonzlad - Thursday, 24 July 2008

Hey GB,

I guess you’re probably right but you see we never get the chance to even go there. You can literally see and feel the difference when the moment I mentioned that I am seeing someone. I did of course try to continue the conversation but it was difficult. Anyway, it would have sounded strange if I had said something to reassure them that there is no barrier to our “friendship”, especially since I do not know if my assumptions about these people are correct. And even if I was correct, it would be misleading for me to say anything more than the norm as I certainly don’t want to go in that direction.

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