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Retrenchment Sunday, 9 November 2008

Posted by dragonzlad in Life in General.

I survived. I’ll still have an income to pay my bills. But for how long I wonder. While I always knew that no one is ever indispensable even as hard as one can try to be, I never really had to deal with the anxiety of being asked to go. But I had put myself in that situation when I decided that I ought to pursue something which I have an interest in. It definitely wasn’t a pleasant experience and to witness one’s colleagues being asked to leave and to know that it could be me next. What made it worse was the suddenness of the news and the expediency in which one was asked to leave. The room was deafeningly quiet and the air was heavy and tense. And when it was over in that lightning few minutes, the heaviness of the air lingered, punctured only by the occasional nervous laugh. My heart goes out to all those people who had lost their jobs, those in the process of being made redundant and those who are suffering the anxiety of knowing their fate right now.